Q & A

Now, you can provide dependable all-winter, all-weather protection for your expensive boat with a KOVER KLAMPS frame. It's fun, quick, easy and inexpensive ... and the very best way to guard against the ravages of ice and snow.


KOVER KLAMPS are a patented, heavy gauge, Steel zinc-plated clamping device specifically designed to hold tubing at any angle And adjustment. They're the quickest, easiest way to build a winter cover frame for your boat.

How long will my KOVER KLAMPS last?

For years and years. KOVER KLAMPS were developed over twenty years ago, and our original customers are still very happy with their frames. There seems to be no time limit.

What type of tubing do I use?

The standard tubing material for a KOVER KLAMPS frame is 3/4 inch inside-diameter "EMT" thin-walled conduit. It's probably the most readily available tubing in the world, since it's a standard item at every electrical supply outlet, many hardware stores, Home Depot, and Loews Home Improvement stores.

How long will it take for the initial Fabrication and assembly of KOVER KLAMPS frame?

A lot less time than it would if you were using a wood frame. With KOVER KLAMPS you erect a basic, high strength, lightweight, frame for a daysailer, runabout, a small fishing boat, in only a few hours. Even framing a large sailboat or flybridge cruiser takes about five hours. The reassembly the following season, will take just a fraction of the time. Every frame kit comes with complete instructions and an Easy Step by Step Video.

What happens when the season is over?

After the frame is fabricated the first time, reassembly each year is extremely easy with the use of the Color Code System, which is supplied with each kit. The Color Code System gives each part of a specific location, a color and number. Storage of the frame is easy and space saving, since all parts that are shaped alike, such as the ribs, and rib legs, etc., can be bundled together and neatly stored for the next season.

What about a cover?

Covers are available in many sizes, and types. Call for information about low cost, high quality covers.